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Category : HEADSET
Code : FH8505SA-CC01
Brand : myFirst

myFIrst CareBuds FH8505SA-CC01 True Wireless - CottonCandyMix - FH8505SA-CC01

myFirst CareBuds

Introducing myFirst CareBuds - World' First True Wireless Stereo Earbuds For Children

  • Designed for Kids: myFirst CareBuds are specially designed for kids aged 4 to 13, taking into consideration their unique needs and safety.
  • Safe Volume Limit: These earphones have a maximum volume of 85 decibels, ensuring that children cannot increase the volume to potentially harmful levels, protecting their delicate hearing.
  • Variety of Ear tip Sizes: myFirst CareBuds come with a range of ear tip sizes, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit for youngsters of different ages. This ensures that the earphones stay in place during various activities.
  • Transparency Mode: The earbuds feature a built-in transparency mode that activates when movement is detected. This essential safety feature enables children to hear their surroundings, whether they are walking down the street or engaging in other activities, promoting awareness and safety.

myFirst CareBuds prioritize the safety and comfort of children while providing them with an enjoyable listening experience.

Seamlessly Connect via Bluetooth

85dB Max Volume

Easy Touch Control

Smart Transparency

Kid-sized Comfort

myFirst CareBuds Features